Presentation slides

Wednesday 23 August

Kongressal I

PL01 - Why stroke matters: overview of awareness campaigns and stroke service in Northern Europe

by Bo Norrving, Lund, Sweeden

S01.1 - Changing age pattern. More young strokes? 

by Søren Paaske Johnsen, Aarhus, Denmark

S01.3 - Extracellular vesicles and microRNA - possible new biomarkers in acute stroke

by Kim Ryun Drasbek, Aarhus, Denmark

S02.1 - Lipid lowering therapies - past, present and future

by Mogens Lytken Larsen, Aalborg, Denmark

S02.3 - Oral anticoagulation in ATIB - initiation, utilisation and persistence

by Rikke Sørensen, Bispebjerg, Denmark

S02.5 - Time trends in preadmission use of oral anticoagulants and clinical outcome among atrial fibrillation patients admitted with acute stroke: a nationwide study

by Laura Kathrine Larsen, et al, Aarhus, Denmark

S04.1 - White matter lesions and silent brain infarctions - prognosis and outcome measure

by Kjell Arne Kvistad, Trondheim, Norway

S04.3 - Imaging in vascular dementia

by Mona Kristiansen Beyer, Oslo, Norway

S04.4 - The NorCoast study: a multicentre, prospective cohort study on cognitive function following acute strokes

by Till Schellhorn, Oslo, Norway

Kongressal II

SAT01.2 - Builing regional stroke networks for mechanical thombectomy

by Gunnar Andsberg, Lund, Sweden

S03.2 - Microglial activation and pattern recognition receptors in brain ischemia

by Tomas Deierborg, Lund, Sweden

SY02.1 - Multidisiplinary team work for thrombectomi

by Anne Kjøbstad & Bitten Lehd, Aarhus, Denmark

SY02.2 - Dysphagia. Different treatment strategies

by Annemette Kjærsgaard, Hammel, Denmark


SY01.1 - Epidemiology and risk factors of cerebral atherosclerosis: differences between East and Wast

by Jong S Kim, Ulsam, Korea

SY01.2 - Secondary stroke prevention: stroke mechanism based optimal prevention therapy

by Joung-Ho Rha, Incheon, Korea

SY01.3 - Acute management of stroke due to intercranial steno-occlusion

by Joon-Tae Kim, Gwangju, Korea 

S05.4 - Perceived life satisfaction from admission to specialized rehabilitation until one-year post discharge in nine clinics, seven countries the SINs stroke study

by Birgitta Langhammer, et al, Oslo, Norway


Thursday 24 August

Kongressal I

S06.2 - STROKECLOSE. A Nordic trial of Left Atrium Auricle Occlusion (LAAO) in AF and previous cerebral bleed

by Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk, Aarhus, Denmark

S11.1 - Cryptogenic stroke

by Marc Fisher, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

S11.3 - Stroke genetics - an up-date

by Arne Lindgren, Lund, Sweden

S11.5 - The effect of naturalistic light on depressive mood, fatigue, subjective sleep quality and melatonin and cortisol blood levels in stroke patients amitted for rehabilitation

by Anders West, et al, Copenhagen, Denmark

PL06 - Mordern rehabilitation - what are we facing? An overview

by Peter Langhorn, Glasgow, UK

S12.2 - Back to paid work after stroke

by Grethe Andersen, Aarhus, Denmark

S12.3 - Effects of cognitive rehabilitation - specific or general?

by Birgitte Hysse Forchhammer, Copenhagen, Denmark

S07.4 - Perspectives on poststroke care and outcomes

by Theresa Ullberg, Lund, Sweden

Kongressal II

S07.1 - Blood pressure levels in acute phase after intracerebral hemorrhage are associated with mortality in young

by Satu Mustanoja, et al, Helsinki, Finland

S10.1 - Analysis of antihypertensive treatment of acute cerebral hemorrhage (ATACH) II Trial by AS treated groups

by Adnan I Qureshi, et al, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

SAT2.1 - Real World Evidence - why and why not

by Søren Paaske Johnsen, Aarhus, Denmark

SY04.2 - Virtual reality training for upper limb after stroke

by Iris Charlotte Brunner, Aarhus, Denmark

SY04.4 - Implementation of the SCA-method - principles and tools for improving staff's communication with patients with aphasia

by Lise Randrup Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark


S08.2 - Substrate of the GABA transporter GAT3 improves functional recovery after a focal ischemic stroke in mice

by Maria EK Lie, Copehagen, Denmark, et al

SY03.2 - Acute evolution of ischaemic damage and collateral flow following stroke: impact of stroke co-morbidities

by Christopher McCabe, et al, Glasgow, UK

SY05.7 - Stroke Reaseach in Sweden

by Erik Lundström, Stockholm, Sweden


Friday 25 August

Kongressal I

S13.2 - True cryptogenic stroke?

by Arne Lindgren, Lund, Sweden

S13.3 - Is there a closure of PFO trials?

by Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk, Aarhus, Denmark

PS06 - Nordic Stroke Award Lecture

by Bo Norrving, Lund, Sweden

Kongressal II

Workshop - Experiences of engaging with the Swedish population

by Bo Norrving, Lund, Sweden

Workshop - Status in the field of stroke in Denmark

by Grethe Andersen, Aarhus, Denmark

Workshop - What can we learn from developments in resuscitation in Denmark?

by Anders Hede, Head of Reseach, Danish Foundation Trygfonden, Denmark

Workshop - Experiences from campaigning to mobilize the Danes in the field of resuscitation

by Christina Blak, Creative Director at We love People A/S, Denmark

Workshop - The new Danish initiative on improving survival after stroke - what´s next?

by Lisbeth Schønau, Head of Secretariat at the Danish Resuscitation Council (DRG), Denmark

S15.1 - Biomarkers for ischemic strokes due to atrial fibrillation - The Nordic Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Study (NOR-FIB)

by Barbara Ratajczak-Tretel, et al, Oslo, Norway